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Welcome to Just Workin’ It – Job Starts and Smarts

Here it is – a brand-new job blog. Just Workin’ It: Job Starts and Smarts offers career ideas, insights, steps, and strategies. Posts will include:

  • business etiquette pointers
  • communication strategies
  • career planning tips
  • efficiency ideas
  • interviewing strategies
  • job hunting hints
  • on-the-job advice
  • resume building information
  • and much more.

Just Workin’ It: Job Starts and Smarts content is aimed at helping all sorts of career builders, from freelancers to full-time staffers, entry level employees to executives.

The site may feature expert interviews, book reviews, personal and professional anecdotes, career news, product reviews, and much more.

Hey, maybe comedian Steve Martin was right, when he said, “I just believe that the interesting time in a career is pre-success, what shaped things, how did you get to this point.”

Let’s take a look at career formation and maintenance. Let’s examine surviving and thriving.

C’mon back to Just Workin’ It: Job Starts and Smarts. The fodder’s fine.

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