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Would you take or leave a job because of the people there?

Do people make employment a pleasure? And can they also make it painful? Pretty much.

Have you ever accepted a job (or left one), simply because of the people that worked there? Would you?

What about bosses? Suppliers? Customers? Lions and tigers and bears?

How do people weigh into your own career choices?

British actor Patrick Stewart (of the Star Trek and X-Men movie series) has been quoted as saying this about coworkers:

“Some people are so difficult,
it's just not worth
working with them.”

Sure, in a difficult economy, it’s hard to be choosy about career choices (at least short-term).

Sometimes a person may accept a less-than-ideal position, or remain in one, simply because the earnings are essential. New jobs may be hard to find, at least for a while.

But, in the long term, how much do colleagues and coworkers count, when it comes to taking or leaving a job?

Maybe it’s not always about the money, although that certainly counts. But isn’t a working environment largely about the people with whom one must work?

Some people are so difficult –
Created by this user
With Patrick Stewart photo
By Jerome DuVall
Creative Commons Licensing

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