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EFFICIENCY: I need a bigger clock

I’m all for efficiency, but sometimes time slips away on me. As a self-employed communications professional, I have come to accept deadlines as my friends. But they can creep up quickly. Distractions sneak in as well. I can lose track of time, especially when a project really piques my interest.


I’m not exactly a clock-watcher, but I think I need a bigger clock in my office. Would that help with time management?

Would a bigger clock help me work more efficiently?

Actually, I have a sizable timepiece hanging on the wall over my desk. It’s hard to miss. So the dimensions aren’t the issue.

Maybe a bigger clock isn’t enough. I might not look up.

I guess it ought to come with sound effects. It’s easy to be drawn to the computer screen and ignore the passage of time, so audible signals may be helpful.

  • A musical trill might alert me to move on to a different project, every once in a while.

  • Loud, annoying beeps could signal each hour to spring me from my desk chair and send me to lift a couple of hand weights and rack up some steps.

  • Perhaps a little drum roll would remind me that I forgot to stop and eat lunch.

  • A little “Pow!” might be just what I’d need to punch out, before I get a little too punchy.

Hey, it’s about time.

Adapted from public domain image

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