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OFFICE SPACE: 30 things I just tossed out


I’m almost embarrassed to reveal this list of unnecessary or obsolete items I found, while cleaning out my office. But I feel a whole lot better, having done so. I admit it. I was a little ruthless this time. But the clean sweep was overdue. 

Whew! Here we go!

Here’s a roster of 30 different things (or groups of things) that I just discarded.

  1. Broken headphones
  2. Business cards
  3. Chargers/cords for long-gone devices
  4. Childproofing electric outlet plug covers
  5. Coloring books
  6. Coupons
  7. Dried-out markers
  8. Expired calendars
  9. Floral delivery vases
  10. Former address labels
  11. Fractured eyeglasses
  12. Lead-less mechanical pencils
  13. Miscellaneous keys
  14. Old magazines
  15. Padlocks (missing keys)
  16. Partial playing card decks
  17. Phone books
  18. Promotional magnets
  19. Restaurant menus
  20. Retailers’ shopping totes
  21. Road maps
  22. Rolodex
  23. Shriveled glue sticks
  24. Skin care samples
  25. Software for long-gone computers
  26. Solidified glue bottles
  27. Spare keyrings
  28. Stale candies
  29. Tattered gift bags
  30. Used postal packaging

Don’t blink.

For the moment, everything in my office is safely stashed in a logical and intentional location. I can find anything in a flash.

Yes, that will likely change. The clutter will accumulate again. And I’ll have to repeat this entire process.

Look out! The medicine cabinet is next on my list.

Graphic adapted by this user from public domain image.

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