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7 adult education careers found outside of school

The ability to teach is a valuable gift, in and out of school. Adult education has become a booming business, as grownups return to training and schooling programs for hosts of personal and professional reasons.

If you have experience (in nearly any area) and an aptitude for communicating that to others, then perhaps you can teach in an adult education area. The main requirements are adaptability, empathy, and excellent communications skills.

Nowadays, educational opportunities are not confined to universities and school. Skilled teachers may find countless arenas for their abilities and experience.

The late great British author C. S. Lewis called experience the “most brutal of teachers.”

“But you learn; my God, do you learn,” Lewis said.

See if any of these potential teaching opportunities rings a bell.

All sorts of teaching occurs outside of the hallowed halls of schools, colleges, and universities.

Business, industrial, or technical training – Most large companies have in-house training departments. Staff or contracted trainers conduct seminars, workshops, and licensing programs for employees. Training may be technical or theoretical, hands-on or human issues. The human resources departments of major employers may offer information about specific opportunities and required credentials.

Coaching – Amateur sports teams frequently seek individuals who can coach for a stretch. Although some of these slots may be volunteer in nature, others may result in payment, or even a long-lasting position.

Consumer classes - Retailers often offer classes for customers. Craft stores provide sessions on everything from framing and floral arranging to stenciling and scrapbooking. Hardware and home repair stores occasionally offer how-to classes. Garden stores have planting workshops. Bakeries and restaurants may feature cooking instruction programs. These options may be ideal for blending hands-on experience, personal hobbies, and the ability to teach others.

Continuing education classes – In nearly every community, public schools, libraries, and park districts provide educational opportunities for residents. Arts, economics, horticulture, literature, sports, and other topics usually make the rosters. A skilled communicator with a helpful background on a relevant subject might consider pitching in for a small stipend. This is an excellent way to try out teaching tactics and gain contacts in the community.

ESL instruction – Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) may be a suitable career for a solid communicator who enjoys working with people. ESL programs frequently include both one-and-one and classroom options. Licensing may be required for some positions.

Religious education programs – People of faith may choose to exercise their teaching gifts by leading classes or gatherings in local churches, temples, or other spiritual organizations. Lots of these opportunities may be service-based and voluntary, but these may also be excellent training grounds for the potential professional trainer or teacher. Other positions may be paid. Those who serve can make valuable contributions to the lives of others, while honing their own skills.

Seminar and workshop presentations – Employers, hobby clubs, trade associations, and special-interest groups frequently hold conferences and other gatherings with various presentations. From keynote speakers to breakout session leaders, gifted and well-informed presenters are often in demand. These professionals may receive fees, honoraria, or even year-long salaries.

Educational opportunities can take countless forms, if the prospective teacher is willing to use some creativity, imagination, and networking.

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