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Resume pass-alongs are primo

Endorsements are excellent. Referrals are remarkable. And resume pass-alongs are primo.

It’s true.

Sure, a job searcher can answer ads, join career forums and online communities, put up a lovely Linked In profile page, and fire off resumes to hosts of potential employers.

But here’s a common-sense tip too many folks forget.

If a key player in a target organization hands a resume to the right person, the aspiring applicant can gain considerable traction in that firm. If a reputable and influential adviser, board member, consultant, or supplier gives a resume to the appropriate individual, similar benefits may be found.

A pass-along resume frequently trumps a randomly mailed one.

Certainly, the candidate must be qualified. The resume must be well-constructed. The content has to be there.

And the resume passer must be chosen wisely. This should be a reputable and trusted staffer or expert. This person needs to be someone who can be trusted to act promptly and follow through.

A well-placed pass-along adds momentum.

This just happened.

A friend’s daughter graduated from college. She aimed for a management training job with a major fashion merchandiser. The friend and I attended a graduation party for another associate’s son. The post-college employment questions came up in social discussion with two other friends. One of these happened to work in the accounting department of the target company. He agreed to take the young lady’s resume to the right department.

Guess what. My friend’s daughter is picking out her outfit for her second interview with the fashion merchandiser company.

Sure, she might have scored an interview without the resume pass-along. But it just may have bumped her up in the ranks of possible candidates.

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