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Can a cluttered car stall your career advancement?

Does a messy vehicle damage your chances of boosting your career?

Maybe you don’t take the boss for a drive often – or ever. But you just never know.

It happened to me – and I was extremely glad my car was clean.

While attending a trade show as a promotional executive, I found myself in the position of offering the company chairman and a couple of board members a ride from the exhibition hall to the hotel where our whole staff was staying.

These three gentlemen, dressed in pinstripes and grey flannel, climbed into my car for the short trip.

My car wasn’t a fancy or expensive model. But it was neat and clean and presentable. In fact, the trio of top executives even remarked upon it.

What if my car had been muddy and grimy?

What if the inside had been dusty, dirty, and filled with debris? What if the backseat had been filled with cast-off shoes, scattered work papers, empty water bottles, or other junk?

How might that have reflected upon my credibility as an efficient, well-organized staffer?

A junky jalopy can raise an employer’s eyebrows, maybe even instead of an employee’s earning potential.

People may jump to conclusions too quickly. Perhaps too many are prone to judge others by appearances and potentially non-job-related details.

But it’s a fact.

Why let a messy car stand in the way of a super opportunity for professional networking?

Wanna Ride in My Car?
Adapted from public domain clipart

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