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10 great goodbye gifts for a coworker

Is a colleague or staffer moving on to a new place of employment? Maybe he or she is relocating across the country. What memorable gifts might you dream up to mark this person’s departure?

Here are 10 nifty gift ideas to say goodbye to a coworker with style and thoughtfulness.

Not everyone is likely to come up with a gold watch when a staffer says farewell. Besides, creative gifts may sometimes be more memorable than the time-tried classics.

Frame-worthy – Buy a few basic photo frames. Decorate them, if desired. Fill them with photographs of the soon-to-be former coworker and fellow employees at memorable moments. Think: company picnics, holiday parties, and special outings.

Gift Card – This is a universal favorite, particularly if several people chip in to ring up a tidy sum at a store or restaurant the recipient enjoys.

Next-Stop Theme Gifts – Where is the coworker going? How about picking a present that suits the next chapter in his or her professional life? What are the sports teams in that city? What attractions draw visitors to that locale? Georgia peaches, Vermont maple syrup, Virginia hams, Wisconsin cheeses, and similar offerings reveal that the givers were cluing in.

Noteworthy Gift – Purchase elegant or whimsical writing papers, envelopes, and pens. Nope, this is not the time to load a colleague up with the company’s own logo-imprinted goods. Include an address book, listing close coworkers by name, address, email, and phone. Tuck in a sheet of postage stamps for good measure.

Pail o’ Plenty – Grab a basket, a bucket, or a pretty gift bag. Fill it with a bounty of items that reflect the recipient. Does she enjoy gardening? Is he a crafter? Does she love gourmet chocolates or coffees? Does he enjoy playing golf? Pick a selection of neat little presents to fit the departing colleague’s interests.

Personal Workstation Set – A handy desk set, personalized lunchbox, spiffy new scrub top, sturdy tool belt, or other useful on-the-job item makes a welcome gift as well.

Scrappy Storybook – Does someone in the department enjoy scrapbooking? Gather some special photographs from the leaving coworker’s tenure, and assemble them in a keepsake album.

Shoot ‘em on the Spot – Procure several disposable cameras, or have a few digital ones on-hand. At the going-away luncheon or party, tag several people to take pictures. Develop or download the photos, and send them to the one who is leaving. For simplicity, load the photos onto a CD or thumb drive, and give it to the guest of honor.

Travel Comforts Collection – Is the colleague embarking on a long journey to his or her new place of employment? Why not fill up a festive box, tin, or gift bag with road-trip snacks and treats for the road trip?

Words to Bless – Sometimes a card or a thoughtful journal is enough, especially when it contains personal handwritten notes of kindness from the whole gang.

The secret to the best gifts is to make the present (and the presentation) fit the person and the occasion.

Adapted from vintage clip-art/public domain

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