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Yodeling over yet more job fields with yields

Yikes and yowie! Who’s yearning to check out a new career path out yonder? Take a gander at this list of employment areas, all starting with the letter “Y.”

yacht broker
yak herder
yard manager
yard worker
yield analyst
yoga teacher
youth advocate
youth worker

Yelp or yell, if you can conceive of any appropriate jobs that didn’t make this lineup.

NOTE: This array of career options includes all sorts of job fields, appealing to hosts of vocational interests. Clearly, requirements vary widely. Some positions may demand specialized training, schooling, or experience. Certain skills may be musts for some pursuits as well. Those interested in certain possibilities are encouraged to research these individually.

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1 comment:

  1. Well I can't think of any you missed. Cute post. I wrote on Southern Food and Memories. Only one more post to go.


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