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Finding flurries of fields and functions

Career planning and exploration can be a formidable endeavor. It may be fun at times, but it can also be frustrating. How does a person find befitting fields for himself or herself?

Feast your eyes on this list of careers starting with the letter “F.” It’s not a full list, but it might provide food for thought.

fashion designer
fashion illustrator
fashion model
federal agent
film director
financial advisor
financial manager
fitness trainer
flight attendant
floral designer
food server
forensic scientist
forklift operator
funeral director

How will you seek your fortune?

NOTE: This array of career options includes all sorts of job fields, appealing to hosts of vocational interests. Clearly, requirements vary widely. Some positions may demand specialized training, schooling, or experience. Certain skills may be musts for some pursuits as well. Those interested in certain possibilities are encouraged to research these individually.

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