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Querying and quoting a quantity of cool occupations

Quick! Who’s questioning a current employment position or seeking to qualify for a new one? Don’t quit yet. Take a look at this queue of intriguing jobs starting with the letter “Q.”

quality assurance technician

quality control analyst

quality engineer

quality inspector

quality tester

quantitative developer

quantity surveyor

quick print expert


Here’s a quarter. Can you come up with any slots that didn’t make the list? (OK, I was just kidding about the quarter. It’s Q-Day for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, so I tossed those two bits in for some quirky fun.)

NOTE: This array of career options includes all sorts of job fields, appealing to hosts of vocational interests. Clearly, requirements vary widely. Some positions may demand specialized training, schooling, or experience. Certain skills may be musts for some pursuits as well. Those interested in certain possibilities are encouraged to research these individually.

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