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Watching for wonderful ways to work

Where do you want to work? What do you wish to do? When we’re wandering into career planning, a list of prime possibilities can be worth something. Winnow your way through this list of worthy occupations, all starting with the letter “W.” 

waiter / waitress
warehouse manager
waste management technician
wealth management advisor
weapons expert
web analyst
web developer
wedding planner
work-at-home staffer
wildlife officer
window washer

Give a whistle, if you can come up with any work options this list is without.

NOTE: This array of career options includes all sorts of job fields, appealing to hosts of vocational interests. Clearly, requirements vary widely. Some positions may demand specialized training, schooling, or experience. Certain skills may be musts for some pursuits as well. Those interested in certain possibilities are encouraged to research these individually.

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