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Does your workspace darken your mood?

Is your workspace a dingy, drab, or dreary spot? Maybe it’s time to lighten things up a bit.

Tons of factories, offices, restaurants, and other workplaces employ fluorescent lighting. It’s often cheaper than other kinds.

But fluorescent lighting (or insufficient lighting) can cause eyestrain. It can contribute to headaches and downward mood spirals. This old-school lighting can even herald seasonal affective disorder in susceptible individuals.

What a drag!

If you work in a place with poor lighting or fluorescent lights, why not bring your own desk lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp to illuminate your own workspace? It’s amazing what this simple change  can do to improve the workday.

Plus, a spiffy lamp is a great way to show off your personal style in a tasteful way at work.

 Natural lighting is a mood lifter.

Do you have a window-less workspace? How about stepping outside during a break or two? Even a short stop to peer out a window can make a world of difference in brightening one’s day.

Tiffany Venetian Desk Lamp
 NY Historical Society
Creative Commons Licensing

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