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Cutting email interruptions with pre-set check-times

How many times do you check your email every day?

Many of us have email capabilities on multiple devices: computers, phones, tablets, and other machines. Opening a few email messages may not seem like a titanic time waster, but the mental interruption can divert us, sapping our energy and even stressing us out.

Here’s a simple solution.

Why not plan ahead to address the whole matter of email correspondence at the beginning and end of each day? Add a pre-lunch checkpoint, if needed.

Scan through incoming messages. Delete spam. Attend to items that merit responses.

Boom. Done.

Certainly, if you’re waiting for an urgent response or responding to the proverbial fire, more frequent email interaction may be warranted. Still, as a daily practice, keeping email activity corralled to a few pre-set times can really free a person to attend to more pressing concerns throughout the work day.

Adapted from public domain image – ClipArt Heaven

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