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5 things I'd do, if I won the lottery

What would you do, if you won the big lottery prize? Just for fun, here’s a revival of a piece I published previously for a website that recently closed.

Five Steps I’d Take, If I Won the Lottery
A Handful of Hopes, in Case of a Sudden Windfall

About Pipe Dreams and Profit-Taking

What are your dreams and aspirations? Have you ever thought about what you might do, if you suddenly and quite unexpectedly came into a big pile of money?

Although I honestly have not obsessed about this rather remote possibility, this question seems to resurface as an icebreaker at social gatherings. And who hasn’t considered what might be done with a remarkable windfall?

For such reasons, when a publisher posed the question, the assignment carried some appeal. What would I do, if I won the lottery or instantly found myself with unlimited and unallocated funds?

First, let’s set a few ground rules.

Personally, I do not play the state lottery, the Lotto, Megabucks, Pick 5, Powerball or any of the major lottery games. In fact, although I am a lifelong fan of horses, I do not play the ponies, either.

So my windfall would be a true surprise, in every sense.

For the sake of fun and fancy, let us assume that the sudden financial upswing involves rather unlimited funding – totaling at least several million dollars – to make this a true rags to riches story.

What would I do with a huge pile of cash?

Here are five plans I might make, if I suddenly and unexpectedly gained significant and unlimited monies, going from rags to riches overnight.

Rags to Riches: Fund a Church Plant

Church planting is a personal passion of mine – and many others. In several countries, simple church buildings may be built for a few thousand dollars. For example, Samaritan’s Purse can build an entire in Cambodia or the Congo for about $25,000. (A mission hospital might cost $35,000.)

Pastors in underdeveloped countries often work for amazingly small salaries. Serve India Ministries can pay 100 missions pastors in India for a month for $3,500.

If I found myself with an astonishing amount of funding, I would love to build churches all around the world and pay pastors’ salaries to minister in each one.

Rags to Riches: Build a Home for Unwed Mothers

As an adoptive parent, I may be particularly interested in the plight of the unwed mother. After all, I have children because two courageous young women chose to carry their unexpected pregnancies to full term.

It may be fairly easy for many of us to claim to be pro-life and decry abortion. The harder question follows: What will we do to help those who are brave enough to follow through and offer their unborn babies a chance at life?

Of course, we can promote abstinence. We can debate issues of birth control and abortion. But wouldn’t it be helpful to offer a hand to those who already find themselves in crisis pregnancies?

With unlimited funding, I would love to build a great big home for unwed mothers, so they could spend their pregnancies in safety. I would hire competent staffers to provide good nutrition, medical care and even psychological counseling for these young ladies.

Rags to Riches: Sponsor 1,000 Needy Children Overseas

Countless caring families and individuals choose to sponsor needy children all around the world each month. With a sudden windfall, I would love to be able to establish a fund to sponsor a whole crowd of impoverished youngsters.

Children International, Compassion International, Save the Children, and World Vision are just a few of the philanthropic organizations that offer child sponsorship.

If about $30 is enough to sponsor a single child for a month, I would guess $1 million or so would go pretty far.

Rags to Riches: Start an Equine Rescue Facility

Ask anyone who knows me how I feel about horses.

If I instantaneously found myself with a giant pile of money, I would like to buy an expansive piece of real estate, way out in the country, and establish an equine rescue facility.
Several high-quality equine rescue and retirement operations currently exist. The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER USA), LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE) and ReRun, Inc. are excellent Thoroughbred horse rescue groups.

With access to unlimited funding, I would probably open a big horse farm to welcome unwanted horses of nearly any breed and color.

Rags to Riches: Support the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

I truly believe that the current generation will see a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). And I can hardly wait.

From stem cells to pharmacological therapies, multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments are in the works. Some therapies treat multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms (physical, cognitive and emotional), while other medical breakthroughs aim directly at the potentially disabling neurological disease itself.

With a giant windfall, I would love to wear my orange ribbons proudly and support the fight to end multiple sclerosis (MS) for good.

What else would I do, with unlimited funds?

Of course, if I truly had unlimited funds, I would also want to fund the search for a cure for cancer, feed the hungry people of the world, house the homeless, host world peace conferences, and send a contingent of humans to live on Mars (particularly if I had the opportunity to select those who would be sent).

But my top five choices would certainly be a solid start.

How about you?

If you won the lottery (or gained a sudden windfall), what would you do? Would you quit your job immediately, or would you still report to work? What wildest dreams would you try to fulfill with your new-found unlimited finances?

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