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Professional pet peeve: Cell phone broadcasters

“Yackety-yak!” It looks like someone has a hang-up, but he’s still on the line.

Stop me, if you’ve heard this one. Wait. We all have – and all too often.

You’ve seen these folks in airport terminals, grocery store checkout lines, crowded elevators, commuter train cars, and even libraries.

They’re the conversational exhibitionists, who persist in carrying on extended and loud dialogues on their cellular devices, while remaining in public spots. They don’t seem to care that others may not wish to listen to their diatribes.

Hold the phone.

Last week, I could not distance myself fast enough from a virtual broadcaster, while meeting for lunch with a colleague in a lovely public garden. I found it challenging to enjoy our conversation and the surrounding floral displays fully, while trying to ignore a stranger’s vocal gymnastics.

What about phone-y baloney?

Have you ever wondered whether a particularly overzealous public chatter actually had a listener on the line? That question has crossed my mind, especially when such a person has launched into loudly projected name-dropping.

Are we supposed to be impressed, or simply irritated?

Let’s dial it back.

Sure, some phone calls require immediate attention. But is it too much to ask for folks to speak softly, or even step away, while engaging in cell phone conversations? How about keeping things as brief as possible, while in public places?

The rest of us may not be interested in overhearing all that oversharing.

Sometimes I miss phone booths.
Adapted from public domain image.

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