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Working efficiently: How many open online tabs are too many?

Multitasking takes on new meaning, when it comes to open tabs in an internet browser. How many open tabs are too many?

Perhaps that depends upon the power of your internet connection. Maybe the strength of your computer makes more open windows and tabs possible.

Let’s just say your hardware and your web connection are strong enough to keep from freezing or jamming when you have lots of web windows open and active simultaneously. What about the power of the human mind to concentrate on multiple topics, projects, and stimuli at one time? 

How many internet tabs do you generally have open at once?

If you’re like me, you may not be able to count them on one hand – or even two hands.

At one time, I might have a web news publishing site, one or two of my blogs or columns, a graphic design site, a photo storage/sharing site, and a few research sites open. I may also have tabs open for email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 

Hey, self-employment means I'm not stepping on anyone else’s earnings by doing that. If my work takes longer to complete, it's on me. But what might such multi-tasking say about time management and accountability, if one works for an employer?

Sorry. There's no magic number, when it comes to open internet tabs.

Maybe it's an individual thing, depending upon each person's ability to juggle various projects and stimuli. Up to a certain point, multiple tabs can be extra efficient, enabling the computer user to toggle back and forth as needed. But there seems to be a point at which overload kicks in.

Sometimes I wonder if too many open tabs are slowing down my own brain, even as they may decelerate page loads. Isn't it sort of like having too many people clamoring at once for attention? Hey, it’s just a thought – and maybe a metaphor for life.

Toss in a bleeping cell phone and maybe a buzzing tablet device (not to mention a yammering coworker, if you have one), and all bets are off.

Maybe it’s time I shut down a few open windows and focus on the task at hand.

Adapted from public domain artwork
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