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Just cleaned out my office. You’d be amazed what I found.

My office can hide a multitude of things. Miscellaneous items seem to find their way into the crowded space, almost as if they crept in on their own.

This morning, I gathered enough gumption to tackle the task of sorting through my office. I sorted all of the contents of the desk, cupboards, and shelves. I tossed several items into the trash and stowed others in their rightful places.

(The file cabinets will have to wait for another day.)

In the process, I found all sorts of intriguing things.

4 software CDs for early-generation digital cameras I no longer own
4 neon glow sticks (still in the original packaging)
3 tubes of antibacterial hand sanitizer
3 software CDs for wireless modems that are long gone
2 plastic Hawaiian lei party necklaces
2 pairs of eyeglasses from old prescriptions
2 Happy Birthday gift bags
2 cinnamon votive candles
1 tattered clipboard
1 purple Yahoo! journal and pen (brand-new)
1 photo editor’s promotional scale wheel
1 package of Easter stickers
1 Milky Way bar
1 Kentucky Derby Loser’s cup
1 DVD children’s game
1 cell phone carrier (with belt clip)
1 bag of Christmas pot pourri (still sealed)
1 ancient roll of unopened LifeSavers

Maybe I just completed my holiday shopping. (OK, kidding.)

Adapted from public domain artwork
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