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Sometimes a simple career-choosing quiz can offer interesting results.

Job hunters and strategic careerists occasionally shell out plenty for questionnaires, surveys, and other tools that are aimed at helping them identify potential suitable careers. Students and recent graduates frequently take such tests too. Questions usually focus on abilities, education, experiences, interests, and training. The process may be simple and speedy, or it may prove quite complex.

Certainly, there’s no harm in trying out a career survey or dream job questionnaire. Several free ones are available online, and even these may help individuals evaluate possible professional pursuits.

Just for fun, I took Blogthings’ Quick and DirtyCareer Test online. My time investment was maybe one minute, as the process included four short, easy multiple-choice questions. Here’s what my results said:

Gotta admit it: I’m chuckling a bit over this one.

  • Archaeologist? Sure, I participated in an archaeological dig as a teen. I found it somewhat fascinating to uncover old pot shards and even some ancient bones.
  • Astronomer? Um, not exactly my strongest suit in school.
  • Book editor? Bingo!
  • Business manager? Does self-employment count? I’m not big on paperwork, but I get it done. Still, I’d never let my accountant go.
  • Civil engineer? Who are we kidding?
  • Designer? I guess it depends on what’s being designed. I’ve dabbled in graphic design, fashion design, and even interior design. Mechanical or software design – not so much. Not at all!
  • Economist? What did I just say about my accountant’s perpetual job security?
  • Inventor? Not gonna touch this one.
  • Judge? Pretty sure I’d drop the gavel.
  • Scientist? Doubtful. My M.S. degree is in journalism, not chemistry or biology.

Looking for new career options? This little free quiz might be worth a moment’s glance, even just for kicks. If you do try it out, c'mon back and tell us what you discovered (and whether you thought the results hit the mark ... or not).

Title graphic adapted from public domain image.
Quiz results artwork – from online quiz (fair use)

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