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25 profitable summer jobs for resourceful teenagers

The calendar year is still young, but it’s not too soon for teens (and even preteens) to begin exploring employment opportunities for the summer months. Summer jobs may be hard to find, particularly for teenagers in tough economic times. Still, young self starters tend to succeed.

In our neighborhood, we have dozens of resourceful young entrepreneurs. These self-employed young adults call their own shots. They are their own bosses. They market their own services and purchase their own equipment. They care for their own clientele and collect their own payments.

And they range in age from 10 to 18. These are the future businessmen and women of America. Today, they hold several job titles – perhaps even wearing multiple proverbial hats at one time.

Here are 25 popular and profitable summer jobs we’ve seen among resourceful teens in our own area.

Let’s start with professional sounding (i.e., future resume-appropriate) terms:

  1. Apprentice seamstresses (sewing and mending)
  2. Automotive detailers (washing cars)
  3. Botanical nutrition applicators (feeding and watering plants)
  4. Canine exercisers (walking dogs)
  5. Catering staff (serving as party waiters and waitresses)
  6. Child care providers (babysitting)
  7. Confidential document disposal technicians (shredding files and papers)
  8. Disc jockeys (providing music for parties)
  9. Equine exercisers (riding/schooling horses)
  10. Exterior home decorators (painting houses)
  11. Fashion maintenance technicians (doing laundry and ironing)
  12. Feline therapists (cat sitting)
  13. Garage and outbuilding hygiene technicians (power-washing garages and sheds)
  14. Gardening specialists (weeding and dead-heading flower and vegetable beds)
  15. Gourmet cookie experts (baking)
  16. Holiday hospitality assistants (helping with kids’ birthday parties)
  17. Home security supervisors (house-sitting or overseeing for vacationing homeowners)
  18. Landscape hydration technicians (sprinkling lawns)
  19. Lawn care engineers (mowing grass)
  20. Mail retrieval service providers (bringing in mail for absent homeowners)
  21. Parking valets (parking cars for parties, weddings, and special events)
  22. Pet care specialists (pet sitting)
  23. Publication delivery specialists (delivering newspapers)
  24. Stable staff (horse stall mucking)
  25. Swimming pool maintenance engineers (pool cleaning)

Many of these inventive summer jobs can become year-round employment for teenagers who want to continue working.

Adapted from public domain photo

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